High Pressure Plant Equipment

CTR Inc. provides from concept to completion turn key solutions for all types of industrial and medical gas cylinder filling. We offer various solutions from manual high-pressure mix panels to fully automated PLC controlled filling units. Fully automated units allow the user to choose the desired recipe on a touch screen and cylinders are filled by pressure/temperature without the need for gravimetric scales. The fill process constantly monitors temperature and pressure for safety assurance throughout. CTR Inc. offers all high-pressure cylinder manifolds from standard plant filling applications to custom requests based upon your needs. CTR Inc. also strives to design your plant taking all of your requests and requirements into consideration so that our partnership will allow you to reap the ROI as quickly as possible!

The ACE unit is a PLC controlled fully automated, self-contained gas mixture filling system for up to five gases.  Simply anchor unit, plug-in, connect fill manifolds, inlet gas lines, vent, and vacuum piping and you are ready to fill!! The user chooses the desired recipe on a touch screen and follows the on screen prompts in order to complete a full fill cycle with no other interaction except to open/close cylinder valves.  The unit is also equipped with manual toggle valves in case of an emergency situation that wouldn’t allow filling through the automated portion.