Bulk Tank Repair and Rehab

CTR Inc. offers a full line of services for repair, rehab, and refurbishment of cryogenic storage vessels. We have the capacity to completely replace all piping, valves, gauges and other components on your cryogenic tanks. We also restore the vacuum and re-paint your cryogenic tank. Our field crews can perform complete installation and repair services as needed.

Cryogenic tanks are special containers designed for the storage and protection of cryogenic liquids such as, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and argon. They consist of two tanks, one inside the other where the space in between the internal and external tanks is insulated. There is also a vacuum inside that helps to reduce any heat loss that may occur, so that the product can stay in its liquid form.

Cryogenic tanks can be stored either vertically or horizontally, but the majority of the time they are installed vertically to save space and reduce vaporization. Horizontal tanks are a bit smaller and lighter than vertical ones, but both are regulated by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, or ASME.

Pre-owned cryogenic tanks can be remanufactured to look like new. CTR specializes in remanufacturing older tanks. CTR will evaluate your existing tanks and recommend the needed updates. We guarantee they will meet ASME standards and function as they should. Some tanks have been around since the 1960’s and regardless, CTR can ensure that they will operate as well as they did at that time.


  • Tank inspection
  • Sand blast
  • Prime paint
  • Final coat with urethane type paint – white
  • New vacuum valve
  • New thermocouple tube
  • Replace vacuum relief plate Buna type O-ring
  • Leak check inner/outer
  • Inspect piping support
  • Pressure test
  • Top-off with new Perlite if perlite type insulated
  • New piping, valves and components
  • New CGA 1.5” fill connection
  • New pressure building regulator
  • New 3-way safety relief diverter valve
  • Replace tank safeties
  • New liquid level gauge
  • Replace liquid level isolation and equalization valves
  • Warm/cold vacuum retention test